Leadership Roanoke Valley is a division of the Roanoke Valley Chamber of Commerce. Established in 1990 by the Chamber as a way to stimulate the growth of leadership in the Roanoke Valley then and for years to come, Leadership Roanoke Valley's mission is to cultivate a diverse network of emerging and experienced leaders committed to improving the community. It accomplishes its mission through youth and adult programs that are created and developed by Leadership Roanoke Valley alumni and staff. 

Key Objectives

Identify potential leaders; educate participants about community needs and leadership opportunities; Improve management and leadership skills; develop relationships of value when working together on community projects; create rapport among participants and community leaders; assist in matching talents of selected participants with leadership needs.

The Program

Leadership Roanoke Valley 2009The format of the Leadership Roanoke Valley Program is similar to successful programs in other communities. The program is designed to acquaint class members with information on the organizational structure and unique features of the community. It is also designed to encourage their participation in community affairs. Alumni from previous classes are called upon to take part in planning programs for new classes.

The Program Year

Leadership Roanoke Valley in action!The program year begins with an overnight "opening retreat" held in September. The retreat format varies from structured exercises, to exploring dynamics of our society, to analyzing individual leadership and decision making styles, to an effective utilization of group process. Following the retreat the program consists of seven "day sessions" which each focus on a major area of community concern and explore the issue of leadership within the context of the day's issue. Both applicants and their employers must agree that each applicant will devote at least one day per month, October - May, to attend each day session. The year will end with a graduation ceremony, which is an evening event.

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Organizational Structure

Leadership Roanoke Valley operates as a program within the Roanoke Valley Chamber of Commerce.


Leadership Roanoke Valley actively solicits applicants from all sectors of the community. Criteria for selection include demonstrated leadership skills, active involvement in the community and a commitment to invest the time required by the program. A conscientious effort will be made to select participants who represent a cross-section of the community so that the diversity of perspectives will generate meaningful personal interaction and learning in the Leadership Program.

Attendance Requirements

Attendance by participants in Leadership Roanoke Valley is mandatory. Prospective participants who are unable to attend the retreat, the established program and the graduation need not apply.


The Leadership Roanoke Valley program will provide participants an opportunity to meet and talk with leaders from all segments of our community. They will exchange views and share opinions and concerns facing the Roanoke Valley area. In addition, through class interaction, participants will have the opportunity to develop mutual trust and respect which will encourage continuing relationships outside the formal program. Over a period of time, as the alumni increase their community participation and assume positions of greater responsibility, our community will be strengthened.

A New Resource

Leadership participants get close up reviews of all aspects of the ValleyGraduates of the Leadership Roanoke Valley Program will become a part of a new community resource, a group of men and women with the desire and ability to positively impact important community activities. They will have gained a new awareness of our community - what makes it work, its strengths, its weaknesses and how they can make a positive impact on the Valley's future.


Tuition may be paid by the sponsoring organization or corporation. The current tuition rate is $499.00 per participant.

Scholarship / Tuition Assistance

The persons who meet the following guidelines may be eligible for scholarship or tuition assistance.

Leadership Roanoke Valley makes lifelong connections.The purpose of the scholarship/tuition assistance program is to ensure a diverse and cross-section of community participation in the Leadership Roanoke Valley program. Consideration for full or partial scholarship will be based on the following criteria: A) An employee or administrator of a non-profit organization with a past history of civic involvement who would be unable to participate without tuition assistance; B) An individual with a past history of civic involvement who would be unable to participate without tuition assistance. All requests for scholarship/tuition assistance will remain confidential.

How To Apply

Applications may be initiated individually or by nomination. Participants will be chosen from the written applications. Nominees will require the full support of the organization or business which they represent. Attendance and participation in each session are essential.

Applications are accepted June 1 through July 31. For more information call 252-537-3513.

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